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Water and Particulate Filters for Compressed Air Systems

Dropout's water and particulate filters are the perfect addition to your compressed air system - fully ISO 12500 certified, they guarantee to remove 99.9999% of water and particulates down to 1 micron. DropOut products require no ongoing consumable parts - saving you money while giving you complete peace of mind.

See the below diagrams for examples of exactly where Dropout water and particulate filters can be used in your compressed air system: 

Point of use filter

Installed as a 'point of use' filter / liquid water separator where there is no existing provision.

Supplementary filter

Installed as a supplementary filter / liquid water separator where a dryer is already installed but liquid water is still evident.

Alternative to existing water separators / coalescing filters

Installed as a cost effective alternative to existing water separators / coalescing filters as a single unit upstream of the existing dryer at 'point if use' or both.

High flow applications

For high flow applications install Titan to remove the bulk of contamination and a compact unit at point of use as a final polisher.

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