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Which vehicle lifts meet your needs? From lifting light passenger cars to the heaviest commercial truck and transit vehicles, Challenger has car lifts for you. We manufacture auto lifts and truck lifts with lifting capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs. to 144,000 lbs. and help you select lifts that meet your personal servicing needs. Whether you’re a quick lube, truck shop, or new car dealership, we are committed to ensuring you lift all vehicles safely.

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Two Post Car Lifts

Challenger manufactures two post vehicle lifts that accommodate 100% of the top 20 selling vehicles. We also have light duty auto lifts and medium to heavy duty truck lifts to suit all price points. Be sure to check out these models of two post vehicle lifts: CL7P, CLFP9, CL10series, VS10, E10, E12, 12000, 15000 and 18000.

4 Post Car Lifts

Challenger’s range of four post vehicle lifts can accommodate anything that comes into your garage, from 12,000 to 60,000 lbs. If you need to service everything from cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and heavy duty commercial vehicles, take a look at these four post auto lifts: 4P14series, 44012LR/DLR, 4015series, 44018, 44030, 44040, 44050 and 44060.

4 Post Alignment Lifts

Does your garage need four post vehicle lifts that can help expand your service with wheel alignments? Challenger Lifts manufactures four post alignment auto lifts to handle any vehicle up to 30,000 lbs.

Inground Car Lift

Our inground auto lifts do a lot more than just lift cars. Challenger’s EnviroLift® inground auto lifts are fully contained in a sealed polymer housing made from recycled plastic to protect the environment and your investment. We also offer traditional hydraulic inground lifts and air over water AquaVantage™ lifts which run on compressed air and tap water, resulting in the only realGREEN™ lift in the business.

Double Scissor Lifts

Challenger Lifts new DX77 double scissor lift 7,700 lb. capacity scissor lift was engineered with efficiency and productivity in mind. Our scissor lift can easily lift all makes and models (within rated capacity) with synchronized hydraulic system. Diamon plated flip-up approach ramps allows the platform to extend to accommodate longer wheelbase vehicles.

Mobile Column Car Lifts

Challenger’s mobile vehicle lifts can lift 3 axle vehicles up to 144,000 lbs. with an innovative wireless, battery powered, and hydraulic operated system.

Short Rise Car Lifts

Challenger’s SRM10 short rise auto lift for tire and brake servicing, is ideal for small passenger cars and light trucks up to 10,000 lbs.

Mid Rise Car Lifts

Challenger’s MR6 mid-rise auto lifts can give your garage the capacity to lift anywhere – in or out – increasing your productivity. The motor is connected to a heavy-duty tow dolly – making these vehicle lifts easily transportable along any hard surface.

Home Garage Lifts

Challenger’s CL4P9 home vehicle lifts are perfect for the "do it yourself" kind of people along with dealerships that need more space. Our CL1750A motorcycle, ATV and UTV lift makes servicing any bike up to 1,750 lbs. easily.

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