Air System Piping

Quincy Air System Piping

The AIRnet modular air piping system is made from lightweight, powder-coated aluminum tube and designed for easy, low-cost installation with a large selection of engineered polymer fittings. No special tools are required. The smooth, low friction inner surface of the aluminum pipe maintains a minimum pressure drop throughout the air distribution system. This allows compressors to work at lower operating pressures, reducing power consumption and operating costs. The non-corrosive properties of AIRnet maintain a constant air quality from compressor to site of use.
Quincy Air System Piping
  • Leakage rate down to zero
  • 100% modular
  • Requires lower loading pressure
  • Easy to install
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Constant, low friction factor
  • Prepainted blue for easy ID
  • Pipe and fitting sizes 3/4” to 3”
  • Reusable component parts
  • Watertight to 4x working pressure

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